Innovation and Pioneering CSR Project

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ExxonMobil is the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, present in Romania since 2008.

The objectives

The company's goal is to support the future education of geologists through workshops and valuable sources of information, which will help them understand the practical approach of their work, and also to show the public the impact of ExxonMobil's projects on people's lives and the society. In addition, another objective of the campaign is to communicate mobilization and demobilization efforts of the vessels, as well as the importance of ExxonMobil actions in the Black Sea.

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The concept

The entire concept is centered around ExxonMobil major values - technology, innovation, pioneering.

To implement the CSR campaign, ExxonMobil has chosen to redesign the Black Sea Hall at the National Geological Museum in Bucharest, to organize personalized workshops, press conferences, seminars and provide support for the interactive learning process.

Perceptum meets the needs of ExxonMobil, through an integrated proposal, redisigning the entire space and providing the innovative hi-tech activation tools in order to transmit the company values - technology, pioneering and innovation.

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