Launch of Tia Portal


Siemens needed to organize an event to build awareness for TIA Portal, focusing on its key technological benefits: intuitive, efficient and proven. Promoting TIA Portal V13 as an innovative product, a much improved version of the previous portal.


The Perceptum solution

We have transferred Tia Portal’s key features, ”Intuitive, Efficient and Proven” into our own event strategy.

We have created an event that brought forward the unique technological approach of the brand by using hi-tech state-of-the-art marketing tactics. The guests could admire a 30-minute holographic representation of the new portal from the integration into the automotive production line to the final product: a BMW 5 Series this time.


We set up a mini-exhibition and invited participants to test their knowledge of Siemens technology in a “Who wants to be a millionaire?”- like contest.

We also needed a creative solution to monitor post-event actions and results, so we “launched” the “Innovation V13” newspaper, to replace the traditional follow-up report and also turn it into an effective business networking opportunity for Siemens. One week after the event, Siemens representatives visited the participants themselves, to hand them their newspaper and reconnect.

points on the attendee satisfaction form
of the event participants were followed-up

The results

The participants, Siemens’ most important clients and partners as well as Siemens top specialists and Government representatives, gave the event a maximum satisfaction score (5 points on the attendee satisfaction survey form). 89% of the event participants were personally handed their personalized follow-up one week after event and the meetings turned into excellent business opportunity assessments.

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