Bioderma Laboratoire

Sensibio H2O Bioderma, 20 years anniversation


Bioderma Laboratoire Dermatologique, an internationally recognized pharmaceutical company, is the inventor of micellar solutions. The objective of the event was to consolidate awareness of Sensibio H2O, targeting important media representatives and online influencers.


The Perceptum solution

The event was constructed around surprise and excitement. Each guest received a card on arrival, with a keyword defining the product printed on it. They found out what the cards were about when they were invited to make testimonials inside the event photo booth that we had ready for them. The reactions were spontaneous and enthusiastic, and the photo booth was a hit. They were all ready for the next emotional assault that we had in store for them: the close encounter with one of the most appreciated Romanian actresses, Maia Morgenstern.


We have built the innovative spirit of Sensibio H2O into one of the most innovative marketing tools, brought to Romania by Perceptum: Dreamoc HD. This unique hi tech display told the story of Sensibio H2O, the first micellar water in the world, in the most unique way: a tridimensional animation that played around a real Sensibio H2O bottle, inside a glass pyramid. This original display attracted guests like a magnet. They instantly took out their smartphones to record and share the experience.

points on the attendee satisfaction form
Dreamoc HD shares on social media by the guests

The results

The participants gave the event a maximum satisfaction score (5 points on the attendee satisfaction survey form). In terms of social media awareness, we had the video booth buzz, the celebrity buzz and last but not least, the technology buzz: 80% of the Facebook and Instagram posts shared by the guests were about the Dreamoc HD presentation. Of them, 60% were videoclips of the Sensibio H2O animation, with the highest share rate.

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