Gedeon Richter

Vienna ESGC Summit Stand


Redefining medical engagement for Gedeon Richter at Vienna ESGC Summit

Gedeon Richter, the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnolgy company in Central and Eastern Europe, wanted to find a creative solution to present the women’s health portfolio attractively and effectively, to strengthen GR’s position as a leader in women’s health solutions.


The Perceptum hi-tech marketing solution

Perceptum took on the challenge of showcasing Gedeon Richter’s women product portfolio in a manner that created a strng connection with the target public, making the audience of specialized doctors and medical experts feel that they not just a part of the Gedeon Richter success story, but the essential piece. Our mission was clear: design and execute a virtual stand with a strong experiential component that not only met but exceeded the objectives set by Gedeon Richter.


Our strategic approach

We crafted the concept for the virtual stand by envisioning interactive totems, each dedicated to a specific therapeutic area and by creating a seamless flow of information and engagement. By approaching each totem and interacting with it, the audience was able to go through the entire brand story and emotionally connect with it.



The key technologies that we designed and implemented were:

- Interactive Totems: Engaging Augmented Reality videos for each therapeutic area.

- Virtual Product Interaction: Application enabling users to virtually engage with GR products.

- Pre-Event Buzz: Building anticipation was key, so we crafted animated invitations with RoboRichter, the Guardian of Femininity, a character that we created to personify the brand identity.

- Virtual Stand Simulation: The virtual stand was a guided journey by RoboRichter, providing visitors with a holistic understanding of GR’s portfolio. Gamification elements were integrated to enhance retention and interaction.


The concept was first implemented at the National SOGR Congress in Romania and the succes that the interactive Augmented Reality brand storytelling enjoyed at the event made Gedeon Richter request a similar experiential event at the Vienna ESGC Summit. We brought together a cohesive, interactive and engaging virtual experience by integrating key technologies in order to create an impactful brand experience and blend emotion with knowledge and empowerment of the medical doctors.

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